Intercultural Exchange Trip to Japan & Korea - Summer 2017

June 19, 2017 @ 9:00AM — July 4, 2017 @ 5:00PM

Inherit the heart, spirit, and love of CARP by going to the places where CARP started over 50 years ago in Japan and Korea. Connect with students on a global level as we work together towards Vision 2020! Donate below or for big donations, contact Yuri Kaneko (, 626-823-6099).

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Donate - Give 120+ students a life-changing, global experience this summer!

Date: June 19 - July 4

Depart US on June 19th → Depart Japan to Korea on June 27th → Depart Korea to Japan on July 1st → Depart Japan on July 4th

Activities in Japan: Meeting with CARP Japan, Holy Ground Pilgrimage, visit Waseda University, Sightseeing in Tokyo

Activities in Korea: Meeting with CARP Korea, Holy Ground Pilgrimage, Peace Gathering for Unification of North and South Korea

Contact Yuri Kaneko for more details (, 626-823-6099)

Message from Naoko Hiraki (The mother and inspiration for this trip)

Last summer, 36 CARP students from America went to visit Japan. The goals of last year's trip were to:

  1. Inherit the faith/spirit of the Japanese members
  2. Give hope and inspiration to the Japanese members who have experienced a lot of persecution and are in a difficult situation, through the testimonies from the 1st gens who were witnessed to in America.

Thanks to Heavenly Parent, True Parents and all of your support, we were able to achieve these 2 goals very successfully.

Everyone from America felt a lot of love from Heavenly Parent and True Parents. They especially felt True Father's spirit following his footsteps during the Pilgrimage. They also felt True Mother's heart everywhere and Hyo Jin Nim's spirit when they visited his recording studio.

"Until now, I thought that my faith in God and True Parents was good, but once I came to Japan and met with the Japanese CARP members here, my faith became stronger and even more real. After that, everyday I felt that True Parents' spirit is with me, everywhere I go." - Jermaine, 1st gen student

Rev. Tokuno, the Japan FFWPU President, spoke to us about the Kumamoto earthquake that shook the country just months before. He testified that when True Mother donated to support the relief efforts, she told them, ''Accept this gift deeply but please do not harbor any resentment towards God or anybody. Please be grateful to God.''

Jermaine was very inspired by these words to the Kumamoto members.

"True Mother must have gone through such a difficult course. She was chosen out of the many women who desired Her position. People made it difficult for True Mother, so she must have endured so much pain, but despite that, True Mother always responded with grace and appreciation towards God and True Father. She is my hero."

CARP America was able to give a lot of hope to J-CARP and even K-CARP. Many of the participants, both 1st and 2nd gen youth, gave testimonies at a J-CARP parents meeting. Japanese parents and CARP members were moved by the testimonies and shed tears.

"Through Hyo Jin Nim's music, I overcame many struggles and could develop my faith in True Parents. All my life, I was looking for true love, but I couldn't find it so I almost gave up. But at that time, I met Naoko san and through reading the Divine Principle and listening to Hyo Jin Nim's music, I could come to have strong faith and believe in true families. For me, even though you are from a different country, you are my brothers and sisters, because you work for God and True Parents. So please do not give up even if there is a lot of rejection, because some students like me will be waiting for your approach." - Jermaine Bishop

After this trip, the J-CARP President and 4 other Japanese district leaders came to LA and joined the witnessing efforts on campus. One of the leaders later said, "We could do this on our own campuses in Japan, too! I would like to try it on our university campus." I heard that they have already started this kind of outreach on their campus.

Last year, we wanted to help out with outreach on campuses in Japan but we were not able to do so because of the ongoing severe opposition towards CARP at the time. Also Kyoto University is the only university where CARP is officially registered. However, this year, Japanese CARP students are doing public speeches and demonstrations in the name of CARP on school campuses. I believe it is because True Mother really invested a lot into these campuses but I also believe that CARP America could lend a helping hand in some way.

Plans for this Summer

This year, we are planning to bring 120 university students to visit Japan and we would like to organize a CARP convention on campus which I believe will create an even greater impact on the campus. In addition to that, this year we will be going to Korea to host a student assembly for peace and reunification of North and South Korea at Imjingak.

True Mother's desire is for CARP and young people to take a stand and lead the way for national restoration. So our goals for this year's trip is to:

  1. Follow in True Parents' footsteps through the Pilgrimage and to strengthen our heart of filial piety towards True Mother,
  2. Stand on the frontline and lead the way for national restoration as proud CARP members, and
  3. Give hope and inspiration to K-CARP through the 1st gen students who were witnessed to in America.

We kindly ask for your support as we promise to do our best.

How YOU can Get Involved

1. Donate! Students may not have money but by investing in this CARP exchange trip, you help change their perspective. You help give students the inspiration, tangible experiences, and support network to go back to school determined to make a difference as a global leader. This is a powerful, life-changing experience you get the chance to be part of by donating.

2. Pray. The foundation of CARP is built on the investment of heart through prayer, conditions, service, and really showing love to students. There is a deeper aspect than just experiencing a different culture - it's about experiencing the culture of heart that goes beyond race, nationality, religion, etc. These barriers come down when we pray to our Heavenly Parent, as one family under God. Please join us in praying for safety, transformation, healing, and growth.

Contact Yuri Kaneko for more details. [, 626-823-6099]

Check out the stories & pictures from last year's incredible journey.

Event Location

Japan, Korea
481 8th Ave #A6
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