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Have you ever taken a college student out for lunch or for a cup of coffee?

You may have noticed the gratitude in their eyes and the way their shoulders relax just a bit. They take a deep breathe and say, "thank you." You know that taking them out for a cup of coffee is more than just a few dollars spent.

It's love.

Through your seemingly small support, you show them how much you care about them and their development. You care about their heart and the struggles they go through as they navigate the complicated transition of becoming an adult. You know how precious young people are, as individuals, as grown-up children, and as the future leaders of our world.

What you do now to support them at the beginning of their adult life to discover their values, purpose, and principles is significant. Be there. Show you care about their growth by donating monthly and watch our students grow into capable principled leaders ready to take on the world.

You know that it's much more than a cup of coffee...

It's a life-changing conversation about what's really important.