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Empower Students to Share the Power of the Principle

When you're young and inspired, you feel like you can do anything. Change the world, even.

That's the spirit of CARP and the hundreds of students committed to creating a positive, principled environment on campus. One of our students shares why he is involved:

"I wish to join CARP because I believe this is one of the best things I could do as a college student. Of course I want to share the blessings I've received in coming to understand the Unification Principles and putting them into practice. I believe this is the answer to solving the fundamental issues in this world, and building the ideal world we all long for...

I want my college experience to be more than just studying for my career, but to continue to become the person God created me to be, in character and heart." - Junta Naito, Bay Area CARP

Junta finished 3 years of a gap-year and leadership program called Generation Peace Academy (GPA) and was inspired to make a difference in his community, using the experiences he had gained in traveling and serving the world.

Through CARP, Junta has a community of peers, educators, and local supporters to enable him to confidently take a principled stand on campus. Junta also is equipped with Principled Education through regular educational events on campus via discussions, guests speakers, seminars, workshops, and more.

Help students share the Principle on Campus - Donate Today!

Here's what your donation helps provide for student leaders:

  1. An active Facebook Group for chapter leaders to connect, share best practices, and inspire each other
  2. Monthly National Support Calls to hear what's been happening around the country and keep the momentum going
  3. Chapter Leader Guidebook: How to Start and Run a Successful CARP Chapter on Campus
  4. Principled education and training through guests speakers, webinars, local events, articles, and more
  5. Incentives for chapters to grow and partner with their university
  6. One-on-one and group coaching/mentoring
  7. And more!

You can help college students see the world in a totally different perspective - a principled perspective.

You can change students' lives - Donate Today!

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The funds raised in this campaign help with chapter support and curriculum development in 2018 and invest in the endowment (way for CARP to create a sustainable structure to continue to provide programs and services in the future).

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